The definition of purpose is this: “The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists:”

I was asked to share the connection and purpose (no pun intended) this song has had in my life.

In the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. And To be honest, finding a purpose in that was hard, but I knew in my heart there would be many reasons along the way, with one of them being this song. Shortly after my diagnosis, a good friend of mine called me for a coffee date and said he was bringing a musician friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in years. I used to play with him in a Christian band years ago, and it was great to reconnect with him. I found out that night, the reason he brought us together was because we had something huge in common. He was diagnosed with MS a few years back. It was a moment and a conversation I will never forget. He told me that he was sorry we reconnected for this reason but it brought him great comfort knowing going forward we could lean on each other if we needed to. Months later he asked if I’d be willing to be the vocalist at a gig in Arlington, Virginia. That was the first musical performance I had done in a while, and it was a blast.

A few months after that, I was contacted by another musician who I played with at that same gig. He wanted me to sing on A Christmas song he had started to write. He asked me to make it my own and help with the notes and instrumentals. My husband and I also helped with the recording and arranging as well. The three of us, along with a media team, worked together to finish what is now the song “Purpose.”

Even though being diagnosed with MS wasn’t the highlight of my year, it has brought me to this song, which is now a part of my purpose. There of course have been other struggles at the end of this year just like I’m sure all of you have fallen on hard times at some point this year or multiple points. However we have to suffer to truly appreciate the joy of life and to have empathy towards one another. All highs and lows of life have a bigger purpose. Be kind to others and kind to yourself because we have no clue what each person is facing.

No matter what our purposes are in life and no matter how badly we want answers as to what they are, they will be revealed in God’s time. We first and foremost have to start with love of God and Jesus. Through our relationship with them and listening, everything will eventually make sense. Just as the North Star was a compass for the Wise men in bringing gifts to Jesus, it serves the same purpose in our life. In our journey we will share our individual gifts and trials in which will serve the bigger purpose. So share your gifts and your stories with people, you don’t know who all it will impact, but I can assure you it will. If we keep an eye on “things of the world” we will only be misled. God sent us a gift in the form of a little baby, his only Son. They give us constant grace and guide us through all joys and trails of our life. Our personal purpose, I believe, is not one thing, but many things that will be revealed throughout our life, if we keep an eye on that North Star.

Helping to arrange this song was such a blessing and I am honored to be a part of this team. I am excited to announce that the proceeds of this single will go to a charity that has played a very special role in my life. I was adopted in California as an infant and I wanted to give back to that agency that has given so much to me. God, through this agency, brought me to the most special family in the world and chose me to be a part of it forever. My husband is also adopted and so giving back to the local branch of this adoption agency means so much to us. I am so thankful to God and my family for continuously blessing my life.

Stay tuned in the next year for more exciting news as we continue this journey. We wanted our first song to be a Christmas song because that is what our bigger purpose is all about. Let God Light the way as your North Star and see all the beauty unfold even through the some of the darkest times in your life. I hope some of my story and insights touched you, as well as this song.

Blessings to you all!


P.S. Please consider making a donation. All proceeds go to support Bethany Services in Fairfax (the organization that Michelle was adopted through). As a thank you, we will send you the song “Purpose” and lyrics.